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The art and science of coaching.

Learn. Coach. Reflect. Repeat.

Your Professional Development
TOVO unleashes the full potential of coaches worldwide. We invite you to rethink snd redesign talent development beyond traditional training. Pure development. Explore our dynamic and practical coaching courses delivered to coaches worldwide.


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Redefine Your Fundamentals

We know too much to teach the way we were taught. We are too intelligent to be sold the nonsense that perpetuates poor pedagogical practices. We are done with average. There is too much average out there already.

From this day forward only extraordinary will do.

Innovative Training

TOVO Training is intelligent football training designed to develop players of great cognition, competence and character. Unlike traditional training, TOVO is based upon sound pedagogical practices that encourage players to seek effective solutions with vision, precision, and pace. A proven program for professional academies and youth teams worldwide, TOVO will help you rethink and redesign talent development.

Innovative Training

When I completed the T1 Course in Spain I wished I had a virtual TOVO coach with me on the field. Having now completed the online course, that virtual TOVO coach has appeared. A fantastic resource which is just what I need to support me on this ‘journey to extraordinary. – Andrew G., England


The TOVO Course was transformational. – Marianne, USA


The TOVO Online Course takes coaches on a journey of self-discovery geared towards their own coaching philosophy. This course will challenge you to examine why you coach, who you are coaching for, and show you how to develop your coaching methodology to accommodate the answers to those two questions. This program has helped solidify my coaching philosophy. TOVO has given me the language and conviction to take a player-centric coaching philosophy forward with all of my teams. – Colin, USA


Absolutely the real deal. This guy will change the way our game is taught in the United States. Thank you.  – Jay, USA

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