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Our commitment to holistic development.

A Message From Our Founder

Sometimes you need the perfect storm to bring all elements of innovation together. That has been the case with TOVO Academy Barcelona.

TOVO is a concept conceived while working 14 years with Johan Cruyff and a calling I could no longer ignore.  TOVO Academy is founded upon my years as a professional footballer, coach, professor and father of six children. But more than this, TOVO Academy is about fulfilling a driving ambition to offer an experience that will transform lives for the better.

I have long believed that maximizing potential requires rethinking talent development. Therefore, I set out to find the ideal place for footballers and coaches to transform themselves on and off the training pitch.  Our programs combine all the components required to ignite positive holistic development.

TOVO Academy Barcelona is a footballer’s dream. Training with full commitment requires a passion for the game. Immersing oneself in another culture requires a willingness to embrace the unknown. Developing one’s mind requires a commitment to lifelong learning. We built this academy for those who are inspired to improve and excel in all aspects of life.

Todd Beane — Founder of TOVO Academy Barcelona

Action Learning Model

A Proactive Process
Learning is achieved through ambition, dedication, and resilience. With this in mind, our learning model presents dynamic challenges to be explored with commitment. Our players learn proactively and reflect respectfully. We understand that learning is a process riddled with error and peppered with perseverance. We are educators first and our task is to nurture people of great cognition, competence and character.

  • Student Centered
  • Task Oriented
  • Pedagogically Sound
  • Proactive & Participatory
  • Individualized Development
  • Collective Collaboration

Parent to Parent

You’re Not Alone
We are so proud to have earned the respect and the praise of parents from around the world who have entrusted their child to us. We take that responsibility to heart as we educate, supervise, and nourish your child. We do our best to create a new home away from home and our parents form part of this alumni network. If you would like to speak directly to other parents who have made this commitment then we have many parents awaiting your call.

“What is hard to express in words is the experience TOVO has provided our son to take charge of his development, where the world is his field, everyone is a teammate and confidence is the air he breathes when challenged. It is the experience which has become his compass on his journey to extraordinary. – Joe C.

“My son has trained with coaches from OPD, USSDA, US Soccer, and an English Premier League academy. He rated the TOVO coaches as head and shoulders above any coaching he has previously received.” – April S.

“We can tell you that there has been a noticeable difference in our son’s play since he returned. How shall we describe it? More mature. Much more mature. Clearly more intelligent play, improved movement and decision making.” – Jim K.

“The program is incredible and like no other. Meeting the TOVO Academy staff and observing trainings was wonderful, they are passionate about teaching and helping young soccer players grow on and off the field. My son summed it up in one word, AMAZING! This experience was profound and will shape him and his soccer for the rest of his life. Thank you TOVO!” – Randi P.

“TOVO provided a unique blend of family style living and support with the best available soccer wisdom and training. We are profoundly grateful. We appreciate all of the TOVO support for our son.” – Susanna R.

“TOVO’s attention to the individual and dedication to his process has created a life enhancing experience our son will treasure forever.” – Tamsin G.

“This experience and environment is beyond words. You just have to come experience it for yourself. You won’t find any better!” – Matt H.

“The results and the experience are remarkable. There is no better location to learn Total Futbol.” – Fiona H.

“Being part of the TOVO family was such a great experience for him and will help him grow as a soccer player and person. We can’t thank you, Todd, and your superb staff for giving our son this opportunity.” – Gavin M.

“TOVO ended up being a life changing experience and did more for our son than we could have imagined. He returned a different player, a better player – more decisive, more courageous, and more creative. The only thing that improved more than his notably higher level of play was his renewed joy for the game.”

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